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We met playing video games in 2004 and have been inseparable since. We have two kids and live and work in Orange County, California. 



I am originally from the San Francisco Bay area but moved down to Southern California for my first career as a video game producer. I changed careers in 2006, and now manage a coffee shop.

From my first career in video games, I have brought a love of storytelling to my photography. When I photograph a child, I am drawn, if only for a moment, into their world. 



I was born and raised a Southern California girl. I am a licensed chemical engineer and have been an environmental consultant for the last 20 years. While my first passions in the visual arts were film making and ceramics, my interest in photography came much later. I have always felt that the only way to truly tell a story was through cinematography, but photography has taught me that some of the best stories can be told with a single picture.

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